Calgary Garage Sales

Garage sales are an awesome way to begin decluttering as you get ready to make your next move. Right now, I am just populating these garage sales from other sources, if you wish to have your garage sale added, please connect to let me know. I will keep this page updated, so no need to check if the sale is happening on the day you want to go treasure hunting. If you need more help than a simple garage sale, check out my Calgary Real Estate Resources page.

Week Of October 30th- November 5th.  Put your garage sale here. Connect with Rob to let him know the details.

Southwest Calgary Garage Sales

8 Woodacre Place S.W.  Saturday 9am - 4pm, Sunday 9am - 4pm. A wide variety of items!

Northwest Calgary Garage Sales

Dalmarnock Crescent N.W. Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 12pm - 5pm. A wide variety of items!

3935 Vancouver Crescent N.W.  Saturday 10am - 3pm  A wide variety of items!

Southeast Calgary Garage Sales

Northeast Calgary Garage Sales

Where to find other Calgary garage sales? Facebook Marketplace and  Kijiji are good starting places. Make sure you search for garage sales under the garage sale category in Kijiji or you will also get individual listings for things that might be sold at a garage sale.

Check dates on these, FB is not great at cleaning up expired listings.

Calgary and area garage sales 

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